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Robert in his studio

Robert Pot is an independent Dutch composer/producer, and sole instigator of
GOOSE PIMPLES MUSIC, the music production company.

Robert is best known for his ability to create:

  • Compelling Compositions
  • Broad Harmonic Orchestrations
  • Beautiful Balanced Arrangements
  • Catchy Melodies
  • Impressive Sound-Effects

Have a quick listen to some of Robert’s awesome music.

(If you want to have access to the full catalogue with downloadable files please click here)

Goose Pimples Music offers the following services:

(1) Standard production music catalogue.

Non-exclusive tracks to be licensed through one of our US library partners.

(You can check out our complete catalogue here.)

(2) Optional Music Commissioning.

With optional music commissioning you can let us know your “sync need” and we will do our best to produce just that track for you without any obligations of whatsoever. When the track is finished we will send you a link for auditioning. When you approve of the music we negotiate a deal and if not no harm is done and with no questions asked. For this service we have an easy to fill out form.

Click here for the “Optional Music Commissioning Form”.

(Be aware we only can offer this service on time permitting bases!)