The Importance of Cooperation

Understand what you are good at and know when you need the help of others.

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There are many out there with artistic dreams and plans to take over the world with their music. In many cases, some will attempt to do absolutely everything themselves which, to some extent, is required in the beginning to have something to show off. But there will always come a time when you have to stop and ask yourself, am I doing enough?

If we assume that you have a cool personality and an awesome voice, you’ve come a long way. The next step is then to look at the songs you write, to make sure they’re good enough. If maybe they don’t quite match the quality needed then perhaps it is time to begin working with someone who you think writes better lyrics and melodies?

Do you have someone who produces and mixes your music? If you think it’s fun and feel you are getting better and better, continue. But if you want to finish a song to show to people in the industry, then a professional production and mix is very, very important .

A&R’s on the label are very spoiled when it comes to the sound quality of the songs they get pitched to them. The ‘demo’ is dead. For you to be taken seriously, the sound quality of your song should be able to compete with what’s played on the radio.

Do not underestimate how important it is to ask for help!

Talk to studios and producers about what it might cost. You can get away with it quite cheap. Today, many production and audio schools with high standards, are filled with students who are up and coming producers. For not too much money, you are guaranteed to help raise your songs to the next level. If you are not willing to invest a dime in packaging your songs in a PLEASANT way, it is perhaps a signal that you are not 100% willing to bet on your musical career either.

Think about what your strengths and weaknesses are in music, and turn then to others for collaboration.